Not able to deploy Nuxt.js Boilerplate

hey guys! I would like your help! I’m having a problem of not being able to deploy Nuxt.js Boilerplate in an organization that I’m building a website, when I click to do it, it just gives me the chance to deploy it to my account, the organization appears “locked” with the correct symbol in front . I would like to deploy Nuxt.js Boilerplate on my org. Thank you in advance!

Hi @douglasrtl!

When you say you’re trying to deploy the Nuxt.js Boilerplate, are you doing this using the “Start from a template” option in Netlify?

In that flow, Netlify creates the repo for you, and always puts it in your personal GitHub account. After the site finished building, you can transfer the repo to your GitHub organization account.

Hello how are you? I’m trying to use the template via Start with a Template | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System , using the Nuxt.js Boilerplate for my organization, but when I try to implement it in my organization, only the option you say appears which is downloaded on my user!

I’m doing well! Thanks for the link!

Those Deploy to Netlify buttons work the same way as the other flow I described. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to select a GitHub account other than your personal one when creating the site.

But after the site is created, you can transfer it. (Make sure the first deploy finishes, though. The template code isn’t copied into your repo until the deploy is done.)

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