Vue + Nuxt.js 3.0 paged not found

Hi, I’m a computer science student from Colombia. I’m currently in the process of learning various technologies, so I’m relatively new to Netlify, Vue, and Nuxt 3.0. Recently, I decided to create my own portfolio using an open-source “template” I found on GitHub. I thought I just needed to grant Netlify access to the repository, and it would deploy without any issues. However, I encountered the following problem:

Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.


my public repo:

original repo:

I think I may need to configure something in NUXT, but I have encountered a blockage and I would really appreciate some help, or if someone could point me in the right direction.

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You’re using an ancient version of Nuxt. The current version is v3.6. It’s most likely a bug in the old version, so upgrading that should fix it.

I am having this same issue I believe. When I visit the root url for my app I get the Netlify 404.
However if I tack on the server function endpoint (.netlify/functions/server) I can get to a Nuxt 404 page from the app (loads the app), and if I press the go home button and Nuxt route back to the homepage I get my app’s homepage:

I did the same with your app: and sure enough it loads your app’s nuxt 404 page.

I have deployed lots of Nuxt apps to netlify and each version of nuxt and netlify combo has its troubles…
Using Nuxt 3.5.2

I found the solution to my problem (the default publish folder Netlify picked was wrong). Hope its the same for you: Netlify returns 404 for SSR Nuxt website


Netlify doesn’t pick a folder randomly you have to tell Netlify where to build your site from, but I’m glad you got your solution! Thanks for sharing. :netliheart:

To clarify for others: It picks a default build and publish dir based on framework.