Netlify returns 404 for SSR Nuxt website

Site name:


My website is a Nuxt 3 Vue.js app configured with SSR enabled. Here is the full repo : GitHub - epfl-tools/refweek: Simulateur d'emploi du temps de BA1

When I navigate to the Netlify website, it returns a 404 not found error. What can I do to fix it?

Create a _redirects file here: refweek/public at main · epfl-tools/refweek ( with the content:

/* /.netlify/functions/server 200

Thank you for your answer! This doesn’t seem to have worked…

You’re uploading the wrong folder:

Starting to deploy site from '.nuxt/dist'

That’s why I wondered why the redirect is not being generated as Nuxt automatically creates that. The publish folder should probably be dist.

You may remove the _redirects file as that would be automatically created by Nuxt.

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I had the same issue! The default netlify picked was ‘.nuxt/dist’ which made sense to me…

Hi! I have the same issue with my Nuxt 3 app : 1.
I’m sorry but I don’t understand what to do to solve this… Can you tell me more please?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

:wave: @authie.maxime

It appears you were able to get things sorted as I’m not seeing 404s on your site. Let us know if you still need help!