No STACKBIT_CONTACT_FORM_SECRET provided. Edititng site not possible any more, dont know what to do

I changed nothing, there was just change form satckbit to netlify.

Now i cant edit my site anymore, from my view it is everything right, i linked the side to gitHUB and i dont know what i can do more.

name of my Netlify side is:

Custom domain is: www.biermü

Error is: 12:14:48: [debug] [nextjs]: No STACKBIT_CONTACT_FORM_SECRET provided. It will not work properly for production build.

i can not edit anything any more and i can not find the config to set it up.

the editing button is grey and there is also no contend any more.

i realy need help i try to get it fixed for hours but i have no idea how… pls help

Hi @Biermuehle, welcome to the community, glad you found us :wave: before we can help you, we need a little more information.

Could you provide us with your project ID in Stackbit?

sry for the delay here is my id: /62b06993216ab400be3f01b7
best regards Basti

Thanks for sharing the project ID @Biermuehle! :pray:

Environment variables haven’t been mapped between Stackbit and Netlify yet. To resolve the error, you’ll need to copy the environment variables you have setup in Netlify in Stackbit under Project settings:

Please let us know if that helps or not!