No STACKBIT_API_KEY environment variable set

I’m having trouble making changes and deploying my site ( I created this site a while ago and haven’t made updates in months. I wanted to change a few things via the admin/CMS panel today, so I made the changes and deployed them; however, I saw an error in the console about permissions/SSH keys. So I followed the instructions here: [Support Guide] "...does not exist or you do not have permission" with failing builds, and that error was resolved.

But I now see the error below:

Th environment variable mentioned in the logs is set in my Deploy Settings, so I’m not sure what’s wrong? How can I resolve this error?

Are you sure it is set correctly in your settings? Recently we added the ability to choose a scope for environment variables, which would need to include builds in this case. A bit more documentation on that is here:

You could also confirm what is set before the build starts, by changing your build command to be:

env && ./

since that will show all the variables set in long form.