NextJS App - Task timed out after 10.02 seconds

Hello, Thanks in advance for supporting.

Site name:

We have a NextJS app deployed to this site and this app has few pages which may take more than 10 seconds to process. We are currently facing an issue with request time out after 10 seconds is elapsed. I have heard from the community that it can be increased to 26 seconds. Could you increase the timeout for this site?

Hi there,

I’ve upped the timeout for you, and your next deploy will activate it.

However, do your visitors really want to wait even 10 seconds for a page to load? We strongly recommend keeping your synchronous functions for which your users wait for the pageload to complete to < 10 seconds, and splitting out any “async possible” work into a background function (which your synchronous, foreground function can call):

You might also like to review this article about debugging long running functions since that would be a better fix for the long term, if you can’t use background functions:

@fool Thanks for increasing the timeout. This is our development/testing environment where it happens few pages take more that 10 seconds. One question I have here is, does this apply to all pages/functions in the site?

Hi @sanjeev.puri :wave:t6: welcome back. Yes, the increased timeout applies to your entire site.