Increasing timeout functions

I have a Next.js app deployed on Netlify.
After the user has checked out, I send email of confirmation with some logic (taking some time) in my getServerSideProps() → Unfortunately it takes around 12s (sometime less than 10s) to execute causing the famous timeout of functions after 10.1s.
Is it possible to increase the timeout limit to the maximum possible (for instance 26s) for my site in production (branch main) ? It would be great :blush:

The website is :
Singh Amanpreet

hey there @amanpreetsingh-BE ,

we would be happy to bump your functions timeout up to 26 seconds, but at the moment our records show that your account is still on the starter tier.

A pro account is needed for a longer timeout - you can go ahead and upgrade through our UI and we will set the new timeout for you when you have let us know that you’ve upgraded!

Ok thank you for the quick reply.