Nextjs 13 App routing system SPA not working using `next/link`

Hi there,
I have a problem with deploying nextjs 13 on netlify.

i added some Link components to navigate to other routes using SPA but not working.
lately i deployed nextjs pages routing system project on netlify and its works fine.

Live Examples:
App Route:
Pages Route:

App Router support on Netlify is not 100% complete yet. Issues like these are expected till then.

Hi @hrishikesh, I am using nextjs 13.4.9 App Router and whole page reloads on navigating to another page using Link from “next/link”.

hi @Tayyab

As Hrishikesh mentioned, we’re still working on fully supporting App Router. We’ll be updating our changelog and forum with announcements as our nextjs support releases official support for it.

All the best