500 internal error on Nextjs 13 dynamic routes with app router

The Nextjs plugin doesnt seem to support dynamic routes using the app router in Next13. It throws a 500 internal error. Reading through the forums the quickest solution ive seen is migrating to vercel which i dont particularly want to do since i have my domain with netlify. Can you please provide a easy solution to this please. I have also seen netlify team was fixing some projects by configuring it themselves. Is this still an option?

Here is my site ID: b4937ccb-b67f-4d3f-be86-829e4d2571ba


We’re actively working on app router support and plan on releasing it on our next-runtime soon.

In the meantime, please revert back to pages and keep an eye on our changelog and forums since we’ll be providing feedback on this

All the best

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