New Product Update! Neets aka Netlify Fleets aka Netlify stories!

Everyone! We are excited, proud, and ready to release - A NEW THING!

You know that the forums are always the place for the freshest, neatest info - well, here it is.

We’re excited to release an integrated community content feature, after what it described as “a stirring, passionate, and generally unavoidable campaign from our customers.” Yup!

Netlify President Chris Bach made this announcement in a Netlify Story that we could not help but watch while we were looking at the logs from our serverless functions.

The launch of Netlify Stories positions Netlify as the latest entrant into the gigantic “ephemeral chatter via colorful circles at the top of the page” category.

Anonymous sources within Netlify claim that the official feature name and strap-line, “Netlify Stories — Be the talk of the town while being talked at!” was selected after significant internal infighting and that their own suggestion, “Netlify Neets — The yeet-est fleets ye’ll ever meet” failed to get the traction they felt it deserved.

Check out Netlify Stories - only on starter tier.

These stories might be ephemeral, but the feature will last forever. Probably.

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“Netlify Neets — The yeet-est fleets ye’ll ever meet”

I died right there :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh wait. This is real :open_mouth:

Even if this is just a feature flag turned on for today, this is incredible.

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the gigantic “ephemeral chatter via colorful circles at the top of the page”

Can we have this in an overlay that presents itself every single time you open the dashboard please? No build logs until you’ve watched every single one of them, how’s that for community building?


Thanks for this announcement, but I already have one.

However, now that you mention it, suddenly I am keen to play “Just Like You” by Three Days Grace in iTunes.

APRIL FOOLS :clown_face: