New billing interface

We’ve moved our billing interface out of the Team settings tab into its own dedicated Billing tab where you can now find more information about your metered feature usage and service charges. With the new Billing tab, you can check fees and usage for all of a team’s enabled site add-ons in one place. You no longer need to visit each site individually to find this information.

The new Billing interface provides a breakdown of any plan/level changes and extra usage packages for enabled services in the current billing period.

Visit our Billing documentation to learn more. Please let us know what you think of the new Billing tab! Your feedback will help our UX team make even more improvements in the future.

Special thanks to @keiko, @anon95477994, and @Kristen for their work on this!


It’s a start, but when will we be able to cancel subscriptions without contacting support AND be able to cancel only at the end of the billing cycle automatically. As it currently stands, if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you lose out on the remainder of the month that you paid for! That’s not right.

Welcome to the Community, Croc! Thanks for your feedback.

Self-servicing subscriptions is on our roadmap. While we can’t give a specific date, our Director of Product has assured me it is a top priority.

We are also looking into solutions to give you more control over when account and service changes take effect, though this is a bit more complicated given the way our billing cycles work. We do our best to make it clear in the docs how cancelling a particular service will affect your access.

Thanks again for speaking up about this, and keep your eye on the Updates topic to get more info on product improvements.