How to cancel subscription from netlify dashboard

I want to unsubscribe netlify plan from netlify dashboard. Please help me by telling the steps so that I can do that from my own.


Hi @rajeevkumar

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If you click Billing at the top of your dashboard, you should see your Team Plan with a button labelled Change plan.


I have the same issue. I am using at the moment a free hosting plan, with a “Starter” team account I used for 1 dev. I recently removed him from the project and do not need a team plan anymore, but on the “change plan” page, it’s not offering me to cancel the subscription. I only have the options to upgrade to Pro, Business or Enterprise. How do I cancel the Team plan without cancelling the website?


Hi, @frenchfilm. The billing for the extra person on the Start plan team stops when they are removed. There is no way to remove the “Starter plan” itself. It (or some other plan type) always exists.

You can confirm that the charge for the other person is now stopped here:

I’ve checked there are and there are no pending charges for additional team members. If there are still questions about the billing for your team, you are also always free to open a support ticket at We will always handle billing or login questions in that helpdesk for all plan types.

Most Starter plan technical support is done on this support forum. Billing and login issues, though, are always guaranteed private helpdesk support regardless of the plan used.