How to remove extra paid brand switches

Good morning,
by mistake while browsing the Netlify screen I activated the extra paid brandwitch, which I don’t need and would like to cancel it.
How can I do this?
Thank you very much

Hi Matti,
While I can see that my colleague Katrina gave you a similar answer in the helpdesk, I’ll answer here so folks can google the answer. In the future though, please do not post your questions on multiple channels - especially after you’ve already received an answer via email, which was the case here. This is really not respectful of our team’s time, since we have now had to answer your question twice.

There is no way for you to preemptively select this package and pay for it - we only apply it automatically when your usage goes over the level we include for free, which is shown on our pricing page here:

As such, there is no way to remove it - you have already used it, so we’ll charge you for it this billing cycle. We won’t charge you for it automatically next cycle, unless you again overuse the bandwidth included with whatever plan you are on (it varies substantially by plan, as you can see on that page).

If you would rather upgrade to Pro to take advantage of the much more generous bandwidth allocation there, let me know and we can refund that package once you upgrade to Pro.

Hi Fool,
Thanks for your reply here too. I only realised that I had received the email a little while ago, so I apologise to Katrina (although I had written the post on this forum just before I wrote the email as I had received the notification that my account had been blocked).
Thanks anyway for the clarification