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Netlify Website used 45 GB of bandwidth in 4 days?

Hi I’ve recently deployed a basic react website to netlify and I checked in today to see that it has used 45GB of bandwidth already. I do have my website pulling a fairly large video from GitHub/Netlify’s LFS but I checked my website’s total page size using GTMetrix and it stated that it’s 21 MB.
I realize that this is still a ridiculous size for a website and will be changing it out for either a static image or a smaller video, but I still don’t see how I’ve used 45GB. I am the only one accessing this website and I’ve barely went on it the past couple days.
I am new to coding and any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My website: https://hushcrew.netlify.app/

Hi @kyowankim,

This is the status of your site in the past 30 days:

url bytes count
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/videos/hushCrewVideo.mp4 50766155628 1311
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/collage-spotlight.56135fcc.jpg 32598248 107
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/ladida-photo.c82402cd.jpg 21148624 50
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/mkdc.06e00567.jpg 10584642 115
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/2.4ee595f8.chunk.js 4874844 86
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/korean-hush.0967e88c.jpg 2550286 110
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/2.4ee595f8.chunk.js.map 1787704 5
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/2.4f985b42.chunk.js 1661214 27
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/collage-spotlight.56135fcc.jpg 1416266 2
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/ladida-photo.c82402cd.jpg 1057214 2
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/2.4f985b42.chunk.js.map 715004 2
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/main.a2e7874f.chunk.js 529684 86
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/mkdc.06e00567.jpg 469204 2
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/2.4ee595f8.chunk.js 220768 2
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/main.b0563d45.chunk.js 181757 27
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/ 180467 122
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/css/main.ad8a50ff.chunk.css 146800 88
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/korean-hush.0967e88c.jpg 112206 2
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/main.a2e7874f.chunk.js.map 77403 5
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/css/main.15709f43.chunk.css 53522 26
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/media/shake.c7165a1f.svg 50892 21
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/favicon.ico 40051 20
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/main.b0563d45.chunk.js.map 31126 2
https://main--hushcrew.netlify.app/static/js/main.a2e7874f.chunk.js 23273 2
https://hushcrew.netlify.app/static/css/main.ad8a50ff.chunk.css.map 22472 4

These are the 25-most bandwidth consuming assets.

Is there any best practices for having a background video on your home page? The video file is around 100 MB on the LFS server. Is there any way to have a one minute video as a background video without taking too much bandwidth?

One minute for a background video is dreadfully long. I’d recommend a 5-10 second (MAX) loop with a play button click to view the full video. Don’t go over 2 MB, basically. Anything over kills your conversion rate.

You can use apps like Miro video converter or Handbrake to compress your video. There are a few online services as well. Drop the resolution to 1280x720p to save even more space.

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