Netlify SSR Does Not Support URLs with “.” (a dot or a period) in the URL

Hi there,

I’m looking for an update on the issue where netlify pre-rendering completely fails for any url that contains a dot in the path.

Here are some of the past issues for reference:

It seemed like not much was known about the timeline or any potential work-arounds. I was told that switching to a different pre-rendering service probably wouldn’t fix it.

I was able to table the issue the last time I encountered it, but this is now critical for me, and I have to make a decision about whether to stick with netlify or migrate to another service.

Would love an update!


hi there collin, thanks for letting us know about this. i have asked some support engineers to look into this further!

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Hi, @collinmmckinney. I don’t have an ETA for when this might be fixed so if you need a resolution quickly you will likely want to consider other options.

Regarding a third-party prerendering service, if you are willing to test that it might work. If you want to test that, please let us know which service you are using and your token for that service. If you do so, our support team will enable the third-party prerender service and use a URL to test.

Please note, that token must be kept secret so please do not post it here. You can private message a member of our support team here on the forum or open a new support ticket by emailing