Url with dot in the tag name

I have a static website generated by hugo hosted on netlify. One of the tags that I have is .net-framework. As a result the url for the tag contains looks like this: https://adoring-wozniak-4af798.netlify.com/categories/.net-framework/ which results in 404 error. Is there anything I can do to fix it apart from renaming the tag?

The url works fine when it is launched on localhost (windows PC)

hi @Giorgi,

Windows and linux based systems handle things like special characters and case sensitivity differently - and that is exactly what is happening here, i think.

you should avoid using special characters or punctuation in path names - is it possible for you to call this tag “dotnet” instead? That is what I have seen other people do to avoid exactly this issue.

Yes, that’s the only solution I can think of

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