Pre-rendering not working with certain URLs

Pre-rendering doesn’t work for URLs that end with a slug containing a dot (".").

The below urls have been tested after setting my browser’s user-agent to: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

Examples: - Fails - Succeeds - Succeeds - Fails - Succeeds

I’ve tried running the prerender source both from GitHub - prerender/prerender: Node server that uses Headless Chrome to render a javascript-rendered page as HTML. To be used in conjunction with prerender middleware. and GitHub - netlify/prerender, and both always seem to successfully pre-render when run locally on the problem URLs above, which doesn’t help to debug the issue.

These URLs only seem not to pre-render using the built-in pre-render setting from Netlify’s “Build & deploy” settings. I’ve also tried the window.prerenderReady = false strategy that was suggested from the docs, but that also seemed not to do anything on the above problem URLs.

Please assist.

Hi, @david_opbase. This is a known issue with the prerendering service (which is in still in beta). I also see that we have replied about this in the helpdesk.

We will follow-up with you if or when this is known to be fixed. If there are other questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to reply here anytime.