Next.js SSR for dynamic routes is failing


I’m having an SSR problem with my site here:

The Let’s Party page is giving a 404 only when I server-render the route. When I visit it via a client-side transition, it works fine.

Original source repo:[slug].tsx

This is a problem only in production on Netlify. I don’t see this in my dev environment.

Furthermore, this seems to be unique to Netlify, because the exact same commit works fine on

I’m thinking the culprit is in here:

PostPage.getInitialProps = async ctx => {
  const {
    query: { slug }
  } = ctx

  if (slug) {
    const post = await import(`../../content/posts/${slug}.md`)
    return { post }
  return {}

I’m hoping someone could shed light on why this would fail on Netlify but work on another serverless host, Now.

Never mind, I figured it out.

I was doing a static HTML export, but I failed to read this part of the docs:

For dynamic routes to work properly with next export, you need to specify a exportPathMap in your next.config.js, like this:

module.exports = {
  exportPathMap: async function(
    { dev, dir, outDir, distDir, buildId }
  ) {
    return {
      "/": { page: "/" },
      "/posts/lets-party": {
        page: "/posts/[slug]",
        query: { slug: "lets-party" }
      "/posts/some-food-for-thought": {
        page: "/posts/[slug]",
        query: { slug: "some-food-for-thought" }

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Thank you for following up and sharing your solution here. Hopefully, if someone runs in to a similar issue, their search will find this post and it will help others in the same situation.