Netlify service outages

Hello Netlify,

Due to frequent outages in the last couple weeks we’ve decided to switch away all of our clients in our webagency from Netlify to another competitor’s service.
Even with our clients trying to reach out to your client support, they haven’t been able to solve their issues in any matter, other than you redirecting them to your Enterprise plan.
Netlify’s outages and overall support approach made our agency look bad and made everyone involved frustrated. Thus we cannot continue to use your services until you fix the overall service quality and stability.

Sincerely, Peter

hey there @peter9ke ,

thank you for letting us know. Of course we’re concerned about the experiences you had - and i’m going to work on getting to some more :eyes: on this with regards to the outages to potentially give you more context. I know some will say i’m being insincere - but I do recognize that taking the time to write this down is in a way a mark of respect to us and i appreciate it. While I get it that we didn’t live up to your expectations, I appreciate the thoughtful note.

that said, I’m also very curious about the support issues you noted - as that is a thing I & the support team can directly affect and remediate. Would you be open to chatting with us a bit more about your support experiences with us and how they fell short of what you were hoping for?