“Netlify needs your Azure DevOps token” error on collaborative Deploy Previews

Netlify shared today that collaborative Deploy Previews are now available for sites connected to Azure DevOps repos! Collaborative Deploy Previews enable any stakeholder on your team to preview and collaborate on your web experiences, before you ship changes to production.

If you connected a public Azure DevOps repository to a site before we introduced this new integration, you will likely find this error after you log into the Netlify Drawer (overlaid on the Deploy Preview):

To bypass this error, you can relink the repository.

If you don’t have this error, or don’t want to use the Netlify Drawer, there is nothing you need to do.

To relink the repository:

  1. Go to [your site] > Site Settings > Build & deploy
  2. Under “Repository”, choose “Manage repository” > “Link to a different repository”
  3. Link to the original repository and hit “Deploy site”
  4. You can now access the Netlify Drawer on this site, including Deploy Previews generated before you relinked the repository

We hope this helps, thank you for trying out collaborative Deploy Previews!