Netlify Identity Does not Init


My site is

Historically, I have had Netlify Identity working just fine, but now it seems as though it is not working. I have the script linked in my HTML, but it seems that the netlifyIdentity.on('init', ...) part is not working. Is this a problem that others have had? Is it on my end or Netlify’s? I had Identity working just fine before.

Furthermore, if I run; the widget shows up momentarily before going away.



Hey there Christopher,

The site you linked to shows the the Identity widget working normally as far as I’m aware. Is it the case that you have not yet deployed the site when Identity is not working.

Could I ask for a git repo to check over, this way we can identify the issue as soon as :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Kyle,
Thanks for getting back to me. It turns out that it was just my browser (Brave) for which it was not working. I’m not sure why, but it is working now.

Thanks for the fast response.


No worries. Glad you got it working :grinning: :netliheart: