Netlify hate me?

full a trouble trying to login or sign up to netlify. ive been trying to make new account, verify it with my driver licence or whatever, and still the same error. why is it happen to me, what did i do? did this website r already shut down or what? whats wrong man? im struggling here tryna export my game project from construct 2 to apk for my college tesis. and now what? when im tryna submit this form, they said i only allowed to upload 1 media. jezz. bhjsegasegbiwefgbuioqwefuiwegeraerbhhrweraerg234rb34g

Hi, @guntur. The account for this email address appears to be active. If so, the sign-up form is correctly failing as you cannot create two accounts for one email address.

Have you tried the password reset form below?

If you still cannot login after reseting the password, please let us know.