Netlify Forms - changing server-side settings?

Specifically with file uploads-- is there a way to limit the file size or file type accepted via form submission?

In my use case, I’d only like users to be able to submit small .wav files, and it seems there are innumerable ways to overcome this client-side. Setting allowed filed types or using a script to catch file information before the form is sent only goes so far.

Are there ways I can limit which types of files are processed on Netlifys end?

No. Client-side is the only way.

Also, I think it’s better to handle it client-side only. It would be better for user experience according to me. For example, I personally don’t like it when I upload a file and then the website tells me the file size is not allowed. I think, it’s better to tell the users upfront. Also, Netlify forms will collect the data as it’s submitted. So, if you don’t stop users on the client-side, there would be no other way for you to let users know that their upload was rejected.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate the insight. I’ll stick with client side limits on file uploads then!