Netlify form submissions not being recorded on platform

Hi there,

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I’m having some trouble with my Netlify forms submissions being visible after submission on the platform, on my Next website.

I have followed the directions to set up forms, including various form articles here such as this:

Where I set up a hidden field. The good news is the field is being detected on my dashboard, the bad news is I can’t see any of the submissions. I currently have three forms on my webwite, for reference here is one of them:

And this is the corresponding static copy I added to the public folder so the form could be better detected by the netlify build bots

Thank you very much for the help, I’ve been wrestling with this for some time

@jseanpatel The form is being detected because Netlify is seeing it in your static general_inquiry_form.html during your build.

The submission is not being recorded because the form is posting to /thank-you/ which is almost certainly a route handled by Next (in front of Netlify’s own handling) and thus Netlify isn’t “catching it”.

The solution as linked in the thread you followed is to ensure you post to a static route (one that Next isn’t handling), so that Netlify does receive it.

The easiest way to do this is to post to the same static form page via ajax and then show success or redirect as necessary.

You can see Netlify’s explanation/demo here:

You can see the source code for it here: