Issue with Netlify Form Submission

Subject: Issue with Netlify Form Submission

Dear Netlify Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I am encountering an issue with form submissions on my website hosted with Netlify. Despite setting up the form according to Netlify’s guidelines, form submissions are not being processed.

Netlify form was not detected so I added the static HTML form in a public folder then it will detect the netlify dashboard

Nothing works for me No submission found

@jimmynarula You’ve not said what you’ve built the site with.

What’s the URL to the site?

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

My site is based on Nextjs and prismic. The url to test is Contact - Acadian Supply

We have tried so many methods but the netlify is not detecting form and submitting data.

Hi @jimmynarula,

Thanks for reaching out!

For forms with Next.js and the Netlify/Next.js runtime version 5, we updated our docs here:

and here:

We also have a Starter Template with a Netlify form to demonstrate how the form is coded here:

The relevant parts here:

the .html file:

and the js/jsx:

If you want to compare your code to that of the template to see if it helps troubleshoot the issue.

@jimmynarula I thought you were probably using Next due to the POST being made to / and it not working.

The answer is all as provided by @Melvin.

If you didn’t spot the mentions in the documentation before, that’d be because they were only very recently added.

Hi @Melvin ,

Thank you for providing me with the updated documentation and after implementing the latest code the forms started to work normally.