Netlify for our frontend vs Amplify, will the AWS bill increase

Complete n00b here and apologies in advance if this is a completely idiotic question but that is how you learn :stuck_out_tongue:

By using Netlify for our frontend vs Amplify, will I increase our AWS bill overall? I guess what I mean is, everything tends to cost less at AWS if you’re using their products, databases etc. Our app is going to be pretty DB intensive and if its serving content on Netlify vs Amplify, does that increase our AWS bill as Netlify is not an AWS product?

Thank you in advance!

Haha, good way to make people read your question. :joy:

I don’t have a sureshot answer to your question, but, what I feel is, this question is better suited for the AWS team than Netlify. Since AWS is gonna be the one billing you, they’d know their terms, policies better.

@katedani I changed your title. You’ll get more people knowing whether they can answer that way. Welcome to the community.

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