Netlify Email Integration: Reply-To & Reference Headers


I have a feature request for the Netlify Email Integration. I am working on a website that has a Contact Form set up that uses this Netlify Email Integration via SendGrid. Everything works as expected for sending a regular email, however, I would like to improve the user experience by implementing a specific workflow that requires the use of the “reply-to” and “reference” headers.

User story:
As a small business owner,
I would like to create a contact form workflow that sends a confirmation email from a No-Reply address to my customer and BCCs my front desk
So that the front desk can see the form submission and reply to the original customer’s email address.

In order to make this happen, we would need the ability to set the “reply-to” header so that the front-desk can reply to the original customer, not the no-reply email address that send the confirmation email.

Secondary Feature (related): The “reference” email header would allow us to differentiate the form submission requests so that they do not get grouped together in our Gmail inbox by default. Due to the fact that the contact form has a uniform subject field and the from email is always the no-reply address, the emails get grouped together.

I have a workaround for this to change the title slightly each time, but it makes sense to add both headers while you’re at it.

Related code: netlify-emails-plugin/src/handler/mailer/index.ts at main · netlify/netlify-emails-plugin · GitHub


Thanks for reaching out! I’ve passed along your request to our Product Team, and we’ll be sure to follow up here if there is any progress made toward implementing this functionality.

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