Forms: reply to several collected e-mail addresses

I want to collect e-mail addresses of a group of people with a web form.

Is it correct, that netlify currently only inserts one field of type email when I press reply in the notification?
It would be great if reply (all) would go to all email addresses collected.


Hey @net-user,

For that, you could make use of the submission-created Function and send an email to yourself with the required fields.

Thanks, hrishikesh, for your immediate reply!

I am not a specialist - how could this look like roughly?
Empty (not required) fields no problem? Reply to would just be ", , , "?
Thanks in advance!

I was talking more about deploying your own Serverless Function to send emails something like here:

In that you could set your own reply-to addresses.

Thanks again!

This would be an automatic reply to a form submission?
I need a custom reply - so the addresses should show up when I press reply to (all) in my e-mail program when viewing the automatic notification from netlify.
I could add the addresses manually from the form notification, but an automatic solution would be nicer.

Propose it as a feature request?

Thanks again!

Hey @net-user,

By customising the code snippet I suggested, you could send custom emails as form notifications to yourself and this could include all the emails you wish to reply to.

We can add this as a feature request, but the chances of this being added in the short time are slim. We don’t support even a single reply-to address at the moment, supporting multiple would take even longer. Which is why I suggested you to write your own solution so you could get it working right now.


In Win 10 / Outlook 365, it works! When I click reply, the e-mail address from the email type field is inserted, not Maybe, because the name is “ReplyTo”?

By the way:
When an email type field has the name “email”, I do not get any notifications at all. On they are displayed however. When I change to another name, it works.

So, should I submit a feature request and a bug report?


I do not really know JS yet - I just know how to find hints …
Would the following workaround be acceptable JS?

  function alladdresses() {
    document.getElementById("replyto").multiple = true;
    document.getElementById("replyto").value = document.getElementById("address1").value + ", " + document.getElementById("address2").value;



That totally depends on what you’re trying. I am not understanding that you’re trying to achieve with the above code snippet as that doesn’t seem totally related to the problem you mentioned above.

press reply in Outlook (form entries visible in reply) and copy / paste the value of the replyto field into the to field of Outlook in order to reply to all

hi there net-user, i am having a litlte trouble following along. Could you explain what you are trying to do in a different way?

<input type="email" multiple>

solved - thank you!

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