Custom reply-to, remove Netlify branding?


I am looking at using Netlify in the very near future and need a simple contact form for my site - Netlify Forms looks great! …except I think I read in the Documentation that the emails it sends from the form have a fixed “reply-to” which isn’t the submitter’s email:

All form notification emails are sent from, and any replies to a notification will go to that address. If you would like to respond to a form submitter, you will need to enter their address manually.

Well this sounds awful.

Reading the forum, it also seems that the emails comes with “[Netlify]” written on them in several places. Again, this is awful.

Is this still the case? If so, it’s a complete dealbreaker sadly. Nobody wants such branding in the emails they send back to submitters, nor do they want to manually enter the email address.

I’m hoping somebody can advise, as I’m new here!

Thank you

Sorry to be the bearer of awful news but it’s true! [Netlify] is not removable from the reply-to subject line at this time (though that probably won’t be the case forever). We have an open feature request for this and I’ve added your voice to it. If that is a firm requirement, you may want to look into adding something like Formspree to your Netlify site.