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Is there any control over the email notifications Netlify Forms triggers?


I have a contact netlify-form (with a honeypot) on a gatsby site. When I test it, it gets delivered to my address (the pretend customer), while the “reply-to” address goes to the notification address (the site owner).

The formatting of the message is

"Hi ,

This is an automated message to let you know that we’ve received your message. You will hear back from one of our customer agents shortly.

Thank you for your patience!"

And then it also shows the message, with the honeypot as part of the email (that this message is responding to)

"Honeypot: Name: (my name here) Email: (my email here) Subject: another TEST Message: test from the netlify form done by me"

I can’t find where to modify how this is delivered and formatted. Can you point me in the right direction?

I’d like to

  1. Modify the automated message
  2. Hide the honeypot and make the message more readable
  3. Potentially not show the message at all, only the auto-response


Hi @proton,

There’s no way to customise the email sent by Netlify. However, you could send the form using a serverless function instead of Netlify forms and send the emails the way you want.

I’ve a rough example here:

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Thanks @hrishikesh ,

I’m realizing now that I misinterpreted what was happening. His auto-responder (at the email service level) was was responding back to the sender of the form with its own “will respond soon” message, and then appending the netlify forms message, removing the line breaks.

So in this case, we’ll need just just remove that from the auto-responder.

Thanks for that example, we’ll definitely be using it in the near future