Netlify Edge Functions Beta?

Out of curiosity when are edge functions expected to be out of beta? The platform is fantastic, it works, and it’s just strange that it’s been in beta so long. What is the hold up? What is the ETA? We would love to build more on edge functions, but its strange why it’s in beta so long while all the other edge platforms are well out of beta, so it keeps us a bit wary, even if we love everything netlify does. Thanks.

We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying using Edge Functions! I don’t have anything to share today with regards to an ETA, but do know that we’re hard at work making sure that it’s absolutely at the quality level you expect from Netlify products and features.

But if it’s already working for you today, keep doing what you’re doing! And if there’s anything else you think you need from Edge Functions, do make sure to start a thread on our Features board.