Oh no! This edge function has crashed

When my customers visit my web app, they are greeting this the below error.


This edge function has crashed

An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

The subhoster origin returned a failure status for the boot RPC call. Status: 404 Not Found

Connection details

Netlify internal ID: 01HVA8GYFYE69KVZK5YXN51MKD

Having the same issue. Netlify outage?

Same issue on our website too!

I don’t even have edge functions on my website either!

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Absolutely horrific customer service by Netlify. 100% tango down outage for paying customers in prod for 30+ minutes, no updates on the status page.

Time to migrate.

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My thoughts exactly - I’ve emailed support but their response was ‘thus you will likely receive a response within about four business days, hopefully faster’…

I don’t like the word hopefully… ‘hopefully’ doth butter no parsnips!

Yea I got that too. I was like… four WHAT? haha.

313 Business customers are about to knock down my email inbox and discord server.

Maybe I’ll send all of them to Netlify support? :partying_face:

I’m calling it. My business can’t have downtime like this.

Did anyone here happen to check Netlify Status to see there was an issue with Edge Functions?

@CRob @swaplabs @Alan_Spurlock it is now resolved

Yes, checked as soon as I had an error. Nothing was reported at the time.

Based on timing of the posts here and the issuance of the aforementioned status there was a delay between users (and likely Netlify) identifying an issue and it going live on the status page (probably Netlify was busy trying to fix it.)