Netlify build failed suddenly in the "Edge Functions bundling" phase,

Suddenly the build failed with this error, we have no custom functions.

It is a NExtjs site, I updated the plugin but there is no luck.

Note: I also tried to re-deploy a previously successful deploy and it failed.

Hi @Doaa-Ismael! Netlify engineer here.

This could be related to a change we’re rolling out. I’ve reverted that, so if you can, please try building again and let us know if that worked.

Separately, it would be great if you could send me the link to your deploy so I can investigate further. You can send it in a private message if you prefer.

Thanks for reporting this, and apologies for the inconvenience!

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Worked! thank you so much for the fast reply

Hello @eduardoboucas! I’m seeing what looks like the same build error in edge functions currently. Would you be interested in receiving a link and/or id to our relevant deployment?

Hi @L-A, I’ll take this up, what’s the failing deploy ID?

Hi @jackiewmacharia! The ID is 62fbec5c85b42a0009e742b4. Strangely enough, a subsequent commit (deploy ID 62fbf55c48d4f0000818c355) built successfully later on.

I’m still interested in knowing if the inconsistency is coming from the plugin or our own code, because seemingly no relevant file has changed between the two commits.

@L-A got it! I can confirm that the failed deploy error did not come from the plugin or the code. It looks like it couldn’t in the moment reach a Netlify resource causing it to fail and I don’t expect that it should happen again.

Wonderful, that helps a bunch. Thank you very much for the verification!