Netlify Drop: Login Required?

I’m trying to deploy a website on The page there explicitly says: “No account needed.”

However when I try to upload something without being logged in I always get an error.

Uploading without an account was working previously. Was this disabled or could there be a different reason?

hmm. what kind of error do you receive? can you show us a screenshot? thanks.

hey @markoknoebl, we poked around with this and are noticing some inconsistencies as well. We are going to continue to investigate why drop isn’t acting as it should.

Do you have any more details to share? that would still be helpful for us. thanks!

Thanks for looking into this!

Something I’ve discovered: If I’m not logged in and I upload a copy of something that already exists, it will work!
For example, I can go to, download the demo site that’s linked there and reupload it - that will work, because an exact copy of that was already deployed before by someone else who was logged in (I guess maybe contents are associated to deployments by a hash??). However, if I just change a single character from something that is already deployed it won’t upload successfully.

Also, this has been occuring for me since a couple of months I think.

on Firefox the error message is:

Looks like something went wrong!
We track these errors automatically, but if the problem persists feel free to contact us. In the meantime, try refreshing

on Chrome or Edge (even in incognito mode):

We’re having some trouble connecting you to Netlify.
This error may be caused by an ad blocker or browser extension. You can try disabling blocking on this page or running in incognito.

marko, thank you for your help. We are seeing the exact same thing you are seeing, and we have filed a ticket to work on this.

I’m sorry for the trouble - do you have an alternative way of deploying for now?

Thanks for taking care of this!
I’ll be fine for now with an alternative service, looking forward to going back to Netlify Drop if this is fixed!

Think we got this repaired earlier this week. Let me know if you have problems using it in the future, please!