Netlify domain stuck awaiting propagation

Hi there, I have a domain purchased with Netlify ( that I’m trying to point to my site (also on Netlify). If I add it as a primary domain it gets stuck on awaiting propagation. And if I set it as an alias I get the message to check DNS configuration. However, as it is a NETLIFY domain I can’t change any settings

Hey @sel,
I’m seeing that we were able to issue you an SSL certificate, and that and are both redirecting to your primary domain. Let us know if you still need help with this.

Hi @jen. I can see the SSL, but the message below the domain in my Netlify control panel is check DNS configuration.

When I try to visit that address it does not resolve

Hi, @sel, I found an issue on our side and corrected it. Would you please test again? It should be working now.

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Thanks @luke! All working perfectly

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