Netlify DNS: Reverse DNS problem

I have Netlify DNS set up for my domain that I also use to send emails and serve another website (hosted elsewhere). It seems I have a reverse DNS problem that could be fixed via a PTR record: Can I insert such record or is there any alternative solution to fix this issue? Thank you!

Hi Chris,

Whatever your problem is, no PTR record that Netlify can affect will solve it. Those are set by the people who control the IP of your services, and would not be something we’d set for you.

I’d suggest checking in with the tech support at your mail provider for some help as that solution does not sound correct to me.

Hi @fool, I am having the same issue. A DNS lookup points to Netlify’s IP address so shouldn’t Netlify also handle the reverse DNS?

Nope! Those are IP’s we use, that belong to cloud providers; they set the reverse DNS, and we are not able to.

Even if we could, it would not be your reverse DNS, but ours - since millions of our sites are served from each CDN node; there is no “single IP that belongs only to you” concept at our service except on Enterprise-level plans.

Since we don’t host your email (either the service, nor the IP the service runs on), you should be able to work with your mail host on guidance as to correct configuration of their service for your needs :slight_smile: