My domain doesn't appear to be served by Netlify :(

Hello everyone,

Recently I was moving my domain from one registrar to another, setting up a new email service e.t.c. All these actions required some DNS records changes. For various reasons I thought that use of Namecheap’s (my domain registrar) nameservers would be handier, so I used their nameservers at first. But lately I discovered that it would be more handy to keep all DNS records at Netlify, so I transferred them back. Everything went well, the web-site is accessible, email service works e.t.c.

Only one thing keeps me worried:
" doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify" error. I’ve checked all the records (which Netlify creates by default), as well as suggested guides/manuals/forum threads, but I don’t see any trace of error there - the domain appears to be served by Netlify. And, of course, I’m worried because of upcoming SSL certificate renewal

I’ve seen a lot of topics on this forum already, but none of the solutions seemed to work in my case. Has anybody experienced this kind of error?

Thank you in advance!

Hi :wave:t6: welcome to the community. I’m not seeing that your domain is not served by netlify. Can you show where you are seeing this please?

Hey! According to it is served by Netlify:
Server: Netlify

Also DNS checker (DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool) shows the right nameservers:

And it doesn’t seem to be a temporary error - it is still there :frowning:


Thanks for the follow-up.

That error message is from the last time we had trouble renewing and does not describe a current situation; everything is configured optimally now and there should be no problem renewing your certificate in the future. I’ve removed the message from your view to avoid further confusion.

Hey Melvin,

Thank you for your support and clarification! Everything looks fine right now!

Hey Melvin! question about this error message and scenario. If I’m reading this through the API call /sites/[site_id]/ssl, the SSL data would still have the error message in the “renewal_error_message” field, but the “renewable” field would be true.

Am I understanding correctly? Thanks and let me know!

@dockleryxk that sounds correct to me, are you having trouble renewing a certificate?

Possibly. I have two websites showing this error, but with renewable: true showing from the API (and I know for a fact they are served by Netlify).

I wrote a cron job to detect issues before they happen, and want to make sure my understanding of what the API shows me is correct.

@sid.mann to clarify, I’m unable to manually renew the certs on either of the sites in question. I’m not sure if that is a tell-tale sign or not. The site names are pug-sullivan-enterprises-storage-prod and pug-black-metal-storage-prod

Hi @dockleryxk,

Thanks for following up.

I’ve checked the DNS configuration and do see both domains are correctly configured with Netlify’s name servers. I’ve renewed the SSL Certificate which was successful and also removed the last error message. Could you let us know if you see any issues?

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@Melvin awesome! Everything looks to be in order.

Is this something I could have done, and if so, how? I tried renewing the certificates with the “Renew certificate” button a few different times with no luck.

If the DNS is configured correctly and propagated, using that button would have solved it. There’s a chance that DNS was not working correctly when you were trying to renew and has resolved by the time @Melvin renewed it.

@hrishikesh I tried renewing right before asking my question initially, and hadn’t changed the DNS settings for either in at least a week.

The main thing I want to verify is that if a site’s SSL data from the API has an error message, but the “renewable” field is “true” then I can safely assume it will renew when the time comes.


Hi @dockleryxk :wave:t6: I can see your sites SSL has renewed successfully. Please let us know if you have any other problem. When the time comes to renew your custom certificate, Netlify cannot do this automatically. You will need to renew it at your Certificate Authority, then follow the steps above to install it on your Netlify site. For automatic renewal, you can switch to a Netlify-managed certificate.

@SamO I’m only trying to understand the data from the API to know if there is a problem or not. I am only using Netlify certs, nothing custom! I hope that clears it up

I don’t think that is necessarily true at this point. If you say the DNS was not touched, it should have worked, but now it won’t be possible to figure out why it didn’t work before.

@hrishikesh that was the most puzzling thing for me. I’ve been using Netlify for a couple of years now and that is the first time I’ve come into a situation like that.

For now, I’ll just go with “it depends” and look into it when I see a discrepancy.

Thanks for your help!