Netlify DNS issues with Facebook / Instagram

Hey, I have recently pointed NS for my custom domain to Netlify and everything is working fine however my client has sent me the following email regarding some issues they are having with Facebook and Instagram:

We found what is the problem with the Instagram and facebook and why they have blocked our domain. The developers of the website have redirected the website from the url: to the destination URL: . So the URL is not the main URL of our website. It is the policy of Instagram and facebook to block any redirect. If you see our Instagram page we have added the link temporarily and it works perfectly (but when we add the it is blocked). We would like to replace it with the . Could you please ask from the developers to make the proper changes to fix that.

I have not come across this issue before and was wondering if you could offer some advice into how I would go about fixing this in Netlify?

Thank you so much in advance.

We don’t block any traffic, so I am not sure what is happening from your description. Could you give more details about how you are observing the blockage and how we can reproduce it to see it as well?

The “service” most likely related to different behavior on facebook/instagram is prerendering (described in more detail here: [Common Issue] Understanding and debugging prerendering), but you don’t have that enabled so there should be no effects…and anyway, all URL’s for your site would work equivalently with it ( vs

So, please give us some reproduction steps so we can better understand what you are seeing :slight_smile: