Netlify dev - no assets are beeing shown on localhost:8888

Hi all

On my site when it is deployed, everything works fine. but for local development, using netlify dev, no assets are visible. i only get 404’s instead of images and files.

due to the circumstances that i use markdown for content elements, its a huge impact. they also don’t get loaded.

i do include them like that:

            class="prose dark:prose-invert"
            [src]="'assets/markdown/' + card.markdown + '.md'"


When i use absolute paths to i run into CORS problems.

i am pretty sure that this was running fine a few months ago…

do you have any idea what happened here?

Kind regards


Are those assets accessible when you directly go to the URL without localhost:8888? That is, if your app is running on port :3000, can you go to localhost:3000/asset-path and load the asset?

Hi hrishikesh
I figured it out! :slight_smile: the problem was, that the assets were saved with capital letter whereas the URI i constructed contained a lowercase filename. it seems your web server is accepting that while my mac os localhost treated it as a fault…
Thanks for your help!