Netlify dev not building changes

I connected a netlify site to a local project. Now when I run w/ netlify dev instead of npm start, none of my changes seem to get hot reloaded. Is there any configuration I may be overlooking that would cause this?


I updated the netlify.toml file:

command = “npm start”
port = 8890
targetPort = 3002

the output of ntl dev shows this line:

asset main.980bf0b3de8acbbbcabb.js 3.83 MiB [emitted] [immutable] (name: main)

when the page is loaded in the browser at 3002 port, everything is fine. at 8890, the file main.980bf0b3de8acbbbcabb.js is empty.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Do you still have your built folder? Maybe something like dist or public? Try deleting that.