Netlify Deploy Badge Per Branch

Question re / deployment badges.
Like most people - we have a production, and development environment.

Both are handled using branch deploys - so they are set to a named branch.

Triggering a branch deploy does not update the deployment badge. Im guessing this is tied only to the production branch.

For context - when triggering a deployment say from Sanity CMS, you can tie in a production and develop deploy to separate buttons, but the siteID stays the same. As a result - deploying a branch other than production visually looks like nothing is happening.

Wondering if there is a way to show deployment on badges for a specific branch?

Hi @EdwardGoomba,

Yea, the badge is currently tied to the production branch. You can add your voice to the feature request here: Status badge for branch deploys. We do have an internal issue tracking this feature so we’ll update there if that feature gets implemented. Thanks for bringing up a good question.

Sweet thanks, good to know @Dennis - I have voiced my request in the thread you mentioned.

Would be nice to see something like this implemented :slight_smile: