Deploy badge reads "No deploys"

Hi! I am using a status badge:

Deploy status badge
This image automatically updates to reflect the current state of your latest production deploy.

The status badge documentation lists 3 possible statuses:

  • Success
  • Building
  • Failed

However I am seeing a different status (“No Deploys”): 68747470733a2f2f6170692e6e65746c6966792e636f6d2f6170692f76312f6261646765732f31363931376634652d656663

I believe the problem is because I am not using Netlify builds, I am instead using the Netlify API (through nwtgck/actions-netlify) to deploy a dist built in my GitHub pipeline. If I look in the “Deploys” tab of my site I do see deploys listed and I do see a Published deploy.

My question is: do these badges actually refer to the deployment of builds instead of deploys? Are they compatible with deploys via the API?

Note: I am posting this publicly rather than contacting support because I haven’t been able to find this information anywhere online so this thread may help other people who encounter this!

Thank you!

Hi, @shrink, manual deploys should result in a “Success” badge also. So, yes, it should work the same for manual deploy sites.

What is the URL for the badge image? For example, here is an example of manual deploy badge image:

If you prefer, would you please send us the site API ID (which is 0cecb330-93fc-4e33-af4c-b243aa75f20f in the URL above) for the site which isn’t working?

Thank you, it’s good to hear that it should be working: I wonder if I have misconfigured my site then, perhaps there’s some combination of settings that is causing this. The site ID is 16917f4e-efc3-4dc9-ba27-f9656b07c1f4 :slight_smile:

Hey @shrink,
I’ve filed a bug for this for our backend team to take a look at! I can’t say if/when that will prioritized though so maybe we can find a workaround? Looking at the tool you’re using to deploy, maybe flipping one of the optional inputs will help our system pick it up, i.e. maybe setting production-deploy to true (the default is false). Let us know if that works for you!

Thank you very much for looking into it! I just wrote a long reply pondering possible parameter choices and as I was about to hit send I spotted the issue. I must have misconfigured my site at some point: “Activate builds” was turned on with a “Production branch” value that does not exist in the repository. I expected that if I make a production deploy via the API then the badge would read “success” if that deploy succeeded, I hadn’t considered what else could influence that badge.

I think the bug is that when builds are turned on then the badge will always report the status of the “Production branch”, even if there have been production deploys made successfully via the API. The description of the badge is “latest production deploy” but it behaves as “latest production deploy [from production branch if builds are on OR from the API if builds are off].”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. “Activate builds”
  2. Set “Production branch” value to “branch_does_not_exist
  3. Deploy to production via the API

The badge will now read “No deploys” even though your deploy to production has succeeded. I think this (just about) qualifies as a bug but it’s caused by bad site configuration that I can change to ensure the badge works for my use-case: I’m only using the API to deploy.

Hopefully if anybody else encounters this issue they’ll be able to make the same configuration change – seems unlikely someone would need to have builds enabled but only deploy to production via the API!

Thank you for your help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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