Build status badge

How do I get the build status badge to update according to the status of my latest deploy?
I’m currently triggering the deploy by button (inserted using a Chrome extension) click from my stating website and I have included
Netlify Status
in my README file as well as an anchor tag with ‘’ as href & img tag (with ‘’ as src) within the anchor tag on the page from where I’m triggering the build.
The image always show success as soon as the page loads but never the ‘building’ status. Shouldn’t it be showing the building status while the build is incomplete?

I would expect the status to update with a minute or two delay; your builds are generally less than 2 minutes long. You also have deploys locked to an older deploy:

Both of those could have an impact, so if you want to try unlocking your deploys, and then making your build longer to test, I can get a bug filed for you. Otherwise you’ll probably be stuck with just the success that comes eventually.