Issue with Deployment: Pending Building Status

Hey there,

I’m currently experiencing an issue with the deployment of my website, and I need some assistance to resolve it. The problem is that the latest version of my site is unable to deploy due to an ongoing building process. However, when I open the deploy associated with this building process, it appears to be already completed. Despite that, on the other page, it still shows as pending.

My Netlify site name is:

To provide more context and help resolve the issue, I have included the following information:

  • Custom Domain: I am using the default Netlify subdomain.
  • Error Message: The issue is related to a pending building process that has already been completed.

To assist with troubleshooting, I have attached the build log and a screenshot of the build settings.

Build Log: [Paste the full build log here or provide a link to it] Build Settings Screenshot: [Attach the screenshot of your build settings]

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help finalize the previous building process, which seems to be stuck, so that I can successfully deploy the latest version of my website.

Thank you for your prompt attention and assistance.

Hi, @FaelGalo10. This is an odd topic in that you seem to have replied to yourself as if you were replying to someone else.

Would you please explain the meaning of your second post? Why are you offering to assist yourself?