Deployments Showing Still in Progress when Building is Done

Netlify site names. Example: and ecstatic-davinci-aebc64

In Netlify under deploys, it says the build is finished but is still showing an in progress message, and the spinner.

Hi @slurio , can you confirm if you experience the same problem when you refresh the web page.
Also does your site work properly after?

Hi @clarnx ! I experienced the same problem after refreshing the page and the site seems to work properly after.

Hi @slurio , thanks for the feedback.
The build logs should give you true update of the status of the deployment.
Kindly check you build logs to see if there are any errors.

Hi, @clarnx the problem is the build log says Finished processing build request in... and that is it. It shows no indication of the build still being in progress or failing. I can not attach any images for reference here and I checked our billing and it does not seem to have increased with this discovery. Is there another way I can debug this? Thanks for your help.


I’m seeing the builds have been cancelled. Is something still active?

Hi @hrishikesh Here is one that is still active. Netlify App.

If I navigate from Github or from this link I get the error. However, If I navigate within Netlfiy the build says canceled.

Thanks for your help

That is strange indeed. I have asked the devs to check.

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hi @slurio,

Thanks for your patience. The issue should be addressed. Could you let us know if you run into the issue again?

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@Melvin thank you so much for looking into it. The issue seems to be solved and I will let you know if we run into it again. Thanks!


@Melvin and @hrishikesh, the issue seems to have come back sadly. Here is an example.

Here is more information. I hope this helps thank you!

Issue: Continuous Deployment Completes on Netlify but GitHub Still Shows as Running

I am experiencing an issue with the continuous deployment of my project from a GitHub repository. After a push to the repository, Netlify correctly triggers a build and deployment. However, after the deployment is marked as completed on Netlify’s end, GitHub still shows the deployment as running.

Here are the details of my setup:

  1. Netlify Site Name:](
  2. GitHub Repository:
  3. Deployment Log: Netlify App
  4. Expected Behavior: GitHub should show the deployment as completed after it’s finished on Netlify.
  5. Actual Behavior: GitHub continues to show the deployment as running even after it has been completed on Netlify.

Thank you again!

Hi, @slurio. The deploy you linked to is not a completed build. That is a build cancelled due to the “build ignore” command.

I believe this can be fixed by adding notifications for failed deploys as shown in the screenshot below:


Would you please add those types notifications to the site’s notification settings? If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

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