How to trigger Branch deploys?


so trying to understand the branch deploy concept.
If I add the branch “internal” to Branch deploys, should I be able to connect to that using after pushing to the production branch?

I have tried that but, cannot connect to the prefixed url.
If I’m doing this right, how to trigger a deploy for the “internal” branch deploy?

Thanks for any advice.


Hi @TorC! Welcome to netlify community.

Can you link us to your site? I want to take a look at your current configuration and settings.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Also, please clarify how to build branch deploys without the production branch being built? Do I simply push my dev branches?


Yep! You’ll want to git push that branch and deploy it on Netlify so that it shows up on your Deploys page.

You don’t yet have a custom domain on that site, so the format won’t work. But for each individual deploy, there is a Preview Deploy link that provides you with a URL for that deploy.

Hey again,

thanks for your reply.
Still not 100 clear. What do you mean by “deploy that branch”, should it not deploy after each push?
Seem like the format works even without a custom domain, for example:

So is it correct that if:

  • I have setup a production branch (master) for the Netlify domain
  • Have added the branch staging/internal as one of many branch deploys

Each time I push to staging/internal the will be build and redeployed, without me pushing the master branch?

Correct, or what am I missing?

yes, your description is perfect and intended. If you want to be sure that no push to production accidentally goes live on your production URL, you might use the locked deploys feature:

I think Laura was confused a bit by your using the string mycustomdomain to mean your netlify site name :slight_smile: . It’s a normal way to describe that type of name, but we call custom domains things like so it was a bit confusing compared to our usual terminology.

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Ok great, thanks for the clarification.
Really love Netlify, keep up the great work!

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