Deploy button for differents branchs

I need to know if is it possible to create a “deploy button” to an specific git branch?
I already has created this “deploy button”

[![Deploy to Netlify](](

@Byron2016 The answer given here indicates that you can using a ?branch= parameter, but I’ve not tested myself:

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Hellow @nathanmartin, I think that @dougjason is talking about
Deploy status badge

I was doing some test adding (?branch=x query param) to my buttons but it does not work, it is always deploying on main branch.

Deploy to Netlify button

@Byron2016, I can’t see your first link as it seemingly requires me to be logged in with access to your project.

If what is referenced doesn’t work then you’ll need to wait for a Netlify rep to chime in.

@hrishikesh Do you know if this is possible?

first link was corrected

Yeah, it appears the branch parameter doesn’t work as @fool suggested. I have raised this with the team internally to confirm if it’s a bug or if it was never supported.

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