Netlify cms template to account

Hi There,
i’ve now realised I need to use netlify cms with my skills.
I’d really like to use this template template jekyll, but i can’t figure out how to add that to my account and then get admin status. I’m happy to follow a video or simple instructions, just can’t seem to find one.

Thanks in advance.

I think, this documentation here: Overview | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System does a lot better job that I can to guide you through the entire process, step-by-step.

i read this but it doesn’t actually make any sense to me. if i was looking for a video on how to do this, what would i put in… I’m trying to use the jekyll template in netlify cms… I think i can figure out how to make the site cms friendly in this video but I need to figure out how to get the template into the account under the sites area in the team overview. any ideas? thanks in advance.

A quick search landed me on this video: which seems to go from the basics. This is for Eleventy, but the CMS config and setup is more or less same for all.

thanks heaps for that… I’m thinking this might be beyond my skills.
at 3.44 of the video it’s all of a sudden in a different window with coding and I don’t know where that is?

The part from 3:44 seems to be talking stull related to eleventy. I provided a link that started that 8:20 around on purpose, because that’s where the most important and relevant stuff starts.

@ecoacous Same answer as before: This code is on your local computer. You really should consider taking a step back and picking up some of the basics of coding before proceeding.

Thank you so much for your help!
I usually use or squarespace depending. I thought I’d give this a go but I agree, it’s beyond my skills at the moment. Where would I be able to pick up basic coding from? I can cut and paste things and change them but never learnt coding so would like too.
I have figured out how to have the files on my desktop in github… so i’m getting closer :slight_smile:

w3schools and MDN docs are two of the best resources.

Hey there, @ecoacous

I think the two programs @hrishikesh suggested would be great places to start. There is also there is this tutorial, which is Netlify specific:

Good luck, and happy learning!