Netlify Authorization no longer working locally


I have an app on which I rely on GitHub OAuth. I am using SvelteKit and netlify-auth-providers.

A month ago, the last time I updated the app’, it used to be working both locally and remotely through the same method;

     * Authenticates the user.
    public async authenticate(): Promise<string> {
        const optToken = await this.tryLocalAuthentication();
        if (optToken) {
            return optToken;
        return new Promise((resolve) => this.netlifyAuthenticator.authenticate(
                provider: "github",
                scope: "repo",
            async (error, data) => {
                if (error) {
                    throw Error("Could not authenticate through GitHub");
                } else {
                    const token = data?.token;
                    console.debug("[AUTH] Token acquired: " + token);
                    await AuthState.setToken(token)
                    resolve(token as string)

With the exception of having to stipulate site_id on local.

I don’t know if it is related, but yesterday I updated to SvelteKit with the 1.0 breaking changes, updated routes and all dependencies, and now the local authentication does not work anymore.

On Netlify, when I login I get a new window that opens for a small time then I’m authenticated, that’s what I expect to have locally. However when I authenticate on local, I get this window that stays open and nothing happens:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Dranna,

Sorry to say, but we’re not sure. GitHub - netlify/netlify-auth-providers: JS library to use Netlify's OAuth providers repo has been last updated in 2018 and has also been marked as archived. It has been longer since most of the members on the Support team and I don’t think it’s supposed to be used anymore - let along we being able to provide support about it.