Netlifiy identity sends blank invitation emails

I have the identity widget running on the /admin page of my site. So I followed the advice in this post and changed the invitation emails to send users to /admin instead of the root.

As instructed, I add the templates as static assets of my site, which is where they now live. Here’s one example:

In the identity settings, I duly set the path for the above email as: /email/invitation.html

However, when I send new users invitation emails, the emails they receive are blank. Can’t figure out why.

The Netlify name of my site is: ilo-global-summit-prod

Any help is appreciated.

Found the solution! I had to change the Registration Preferences to “Invite Only”. The emails are all sending correctly now.

I’m glad you found a solution to your problem, though I think it is supposed to work with open registration as well. A bug maybe?

Also: try removing the <html> <head> and <body> tags from your email templates. I’m not sure how that works in Gatsby though…

cc @Dennis